Dead by Daylight’s Pinhead Is Now an NFT
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Dead by Daylight’s Pinhead is now an NFT, though the game’s fans are not happy about it.

You can now purchase an NFT of the Pinhead character from Dead By Daylight. The NFT is brought to you by Boss Protocol, it has the official license to create based on Hellraiser using the in-game models that were created for Dead by Daylight.

The company brings a uniquely generated collection, strictly limited to 10000 of Pinhead NFTs, across a range of different rarity models. Some of the fans will also get a copy of the Hellraiser DLC for Dead by Daylight along with the purchase of the digital token, though it is not clear who exactly will receive this.

The FAQ page does mention, “certain Pinhead NFTs will unlock access to Hellraiser collectibles and all of them will entitle their owners (on a future date) to additional NFTs (like the Lament Configuration Box) at no cost.” The FAQ page also states: “The Pinhead NFT will also grant access to new content (unrelated to Dead by Daylight) in the future. For instance, the Pinhead NFT will allow owners to unlock the character in other games that are now in development.”

The decision was not welcomed by many fans as it raised questions as to what level of ownership a person actually one gets when purchasing an NFT. Also, there are concerns about the environmental impact of NFT sales and reports of scamming in some sales.

Some users wanted the game developers to be clear about the inclusion of the character as an NFT before its in-game content dropped. A Twitter user @vetrix_tron in a tweet said, “Honestly today has left me feeling very conflicted. I really enjoy playing Pinhead, he’s slowly become one of my favorite killers, but knowing I was tricked into funding some NFT scam makes me feel shitty.”

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