Get Clutch Axe Pickaxe for Free
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Some players have ended up getting the Clutch Axe Pickaxe, a rare harvesting item on Fortnite Battle Royale for free. Thanks! To a bundle wrongly added by Epic Games. 

Earlier the gaming platform announced about this, the Clutch Axe Pickaxe is one of the oldest Item Shop cosmetics which was released in the first year of the video game, to be precise  it was released on August 3, 2018. The other thing that makes it so special is its Item Shop rarity as it has only been in the shop nine times.

A mistake has cost Epic Games to grant the Clutch Axe pickaxe to a number of players.

Get Clutch Axe Pickaxe for Free after Epic added to Vanishing Point bundle
Loopers can buy the Clutch Axe Pickaxe for about 800 V-Bucks. It is expensive, but there’s no denying it looks classy.

Epic Games mistakenly added the harvesting tool to the Vanishing Point bundle. It is actually part of the Cobra Crew set mistakenly added to the Vanishing Point bundle.

Fortnite in a tweet said, “We’re aware the Vanishing Point Bundle’s image in the Item Shop incorrectly appears to include the Clutch Axe Pickaxe. Players who purchase this bundle while it appears with this error will be granted the Pickaxe within the next 7 days.”

Epic Games probably will give you the Clutch Axe pickaxe before the next Fortnite update on Monday, October 3. The bundle includes a harvesting tool as well, however the bundle image currently shows the Pickaxe. It is possible that Epic Games will update the bundle image next time in The Item Shop.

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