Epic CEO reveals Fortnite NFTs
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If you are one of those hoping to see Fortnite NFTs, you have bad news as Epic will not venture into the NFT space.

According to a tweet by Epic CEO, Tim Sweeney, they will not be touching NFTs, as they are hesitant due to the scammy nature of the NFT segment.

Tim shared his views saying owning an NFT is as valuable as liking an image on Twitter and questioned if NFT ownership is actually non-fungible.

Though Sweeney has publicly expressed his views on NFTs, it looks like it won’t be stopping him from pitching NFT which can be clearly seen if you browse through the Twitter handle “@TimSweeneyEpic nft” Fortnite has made a fortune selling virtual objects, and there have been discussions over using NFTs in video games.

NFTs space does have fake art and shady going on at major companies, though that’s not the sole reason why we are not able to see V-NFTs instead of V-Bucks in Fortnite. Actually, the reason is Epic is not using blockchain tech to make money on its platform. With NFT not able to solve these problems any soon and with the scam involved many companies are reluctant to take the NFT path. Eyebrows have been raised for the NBA-licensed Top Shots, it has operated without incidents raising too many eyebrows.

Sweeney also retweeted part of a semi-viral thread about “Web 3,” or a popular concept in the crypto community of rethinking the web, focusing on blockchains and tokens. The idea is that Web 3 is a return to the decentralized nature of Web 1, as opposed to “Web 2.0”.

This means Sweeney wants to recall an early version of the web with open protocols and more community government. Yet it does not clarify how it will relate to the future of Fortnite. Maybe it’s just nostalgia for a web that seems to be long gone.

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