Epic Games Not Happy with Google's Third Party App Billing System for Spotify
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Epic Games is not happy with Google’s third-party app billing system for Spotify. The program allows Android developers to test their own billing system. Epic Games is already involved in a long legal battle with Apple and Google over removing Fortnite from the respective app stores. 

According to Corie Wright, Epic Games VP, “Apple and Google continue to abuse their market power with policies that stifle innovation, inflate prices and reduce consumer choice.”

This was the reaction after Google selected Spotify and a few other developers to offer a payment system in their apps in addition to Google’s own payment methods.

The creators of Fortnite further mentioned, “We will continue to fight for fair and open platforms for all developers and consumers and work with policymakers and regulators to hold these gatekeepers accountable for their anticompetitive conduct.”

Epic clearly mentioned it is not part of the program alongside Spotify and others. Though it is not clear if Google approached Epic Games for this program or not.

Google said, “This pilot will help us to increase our understanding of whether and how user choice billing works for users in different countries and for developers of different sizes and categories”. We will be able to see a more clear picture in the months ahead. 

According to Epic Games, Apple and Google app store payment policies take away a large share of app revenue as commissions and calls it an unfair practice. Epic Games earlier in August 2020 introduced its own billing system, to overcome Apple’s App Store payment system. Apple reacted by removing Fortnite from its app store. Epic also sued Google for removing them from Play Store for similar reasons as introducing a native payment system.

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