Epic Games Opens New Studio In Poland - Will Work On New Games
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Epic Games opens a new studio in Poland, it will work on the new games. Studio Plastic has collaborated with Epic Games to start a new team that will work on creating original standalone experiences that push the boundaries of graphics and game development forward.

According to studio director Michal Staniszewski, “Our team is incredibly proud to spearhead the growth of Epic in Poland. Poland is a growing hub for the top engineering talent that we need to create amazing new gaming experiences for players around the world.”

The studio is known for creating short, artistic experiences, its latest creation being Bound, where the player controls a female protagonist who dances her way through childhood memories she remembers from a storybook. Prior to this Plastic had created a first-person adventure called Datura, in which you start off as a patient in an ambulance before inexplicably finding yourself stranded in a forest.

Poland is considered a gaming hub, it has creators such as CD Projekt Red, makers of Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior, Weird West), People Can Fly ( Painkiller, Bulletstorm), Techland (Dying Light, Dead Rising), Teyon (Terminator: Resistance), and many more.

Hector Sanchez, head of Epic Games Publishing said, “For over twenty years, the team from Plastic has been developing some of the most ambitious and future-facing projects in the demoscene. They are an incredible group of talent who have created genre-defining experiences that sit on the bleeding edge of technological advances, pushing hardware to the limits in a beautifully artistic way. We couldn’t be more excited to have them on our team and support their growth at Epic.”

Currently Epic is hiring engineers, animators, and producers in Poland for its new project. It looks like this may have nothing to do with Fortnite.

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