Epic Games Store Will Introduce Achievement Features Next Week
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Epic Games Store will introduce achievement features next week to the game launcher “Epic Games Launcher” around 11th or 15th October.

This will give you the ability to visualize “how much you’ve played the game”. This feature is available on most of the gaming platforms such as Steam, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Sony’s PlayStation platform, and will soon be available to games purchased from the Epic Games Store.

The latest feature introduced by Epic Games will include tools for developers to quickly and easily activate platform achievements. It will allow you to earn achievements and collect XP (Achievement Points) in some games starting next week. Titles such as “Rocket League,” “Hades,” “Pillars of Eternity,” “Kena,” “Zombie Army 4,” and “Alan Wake Remastered” will be some of the games included.

The Epic achievements will be categorized into 4 levels based on XP value. You will also be awarded platinum when you earn 1000 XP in the game. Though the game system requires you to “collect all other achievements and trophies”, the new system will be lenient. The list below explains each stage of the Epic achievements and the additional XP you receive for each achievement.

  • Bronze = 5-45XP
  • Silver: 50-95XP
  • Gold = 100-200XP
  • Platinum = 250 XPEpic Games Store Will Introduce Achievement Features Next Week-1

There will be a dedicated page for games with Epic achievements, where you can share and track your progress. The page will also offer an easy-to-understand overview of all the achievements available in the game, progress on each achievement, and achievements that will be unlocked soon. Additionally, the player’s library will also show (acquired) achievements and progress by game. Epic has preserved the basics while adding more improvements to it with reference to the achievements of other companies and the trophy system.

New social features and player rewards will be announced later this year. Also with the development of the new Epic achievements, there will be an independent system for developers- “developer achievements”. This can be completely owned and operated by developers. As of now it has been provided for about a year and will continue to function. Later on, perhaps only the unique achievements in the game will be maintained.

Epic Games Store is known to distribute free games every week, next week it will be “PC BUILDING SIMULATOR“. Though there is no track record system and social media capabilities are poor, which makes it difficult to interact and compete with other players. Epic is trying to popularise it and in the future, it will perhaps be as close as the game launchers of other companies. Looks like Epic is on the right track.

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