Epic Games will partner with Eyes Out and Spry Fox
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Epic Games announced today its publishing partnership with rapidly growing independent studios Eyes Out and Spry Fox.

Eyes Out is a Los Angeles-based studio co-founded by veteran game designer Cory Davis – (Spec-Ops: The Line) and Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck.

The team received an Epic MegaGrant in 2019, enabling them to work on a proof of concept for their first game idea. Epic was impressed by their early work and vision, funded a prototype to encourage their innovative game idea, and explained their team. The title of their first game is not yet announced but it will be a multiplatform cosmic horror game built using the Unreal Engine.

According to Cory Davis, Co-Founder and Co-Creative Director at EYES OUT, “Working with the team at Epic Games Publishing have been an invaluable experience for us. Ever since that first glimpse of the existence and anatomy of EGP, we aspired to partner with them. It was made obvious that they were impassioned to fuel and to maximize the developer’s vision. That support and encouragement from a publisher to push us further into the unknown, while honing our original vision, is a dream come true.”

Award-winning Spry Fox on the other hand is best known for creating titles with unique mechanics and approachable and unforgettable worlds. At the start of this year, the studio released Cozy Grove, a life-sim game that combined crafting, collection, discovery, and a memorable narrative.

Now the team will partner with Epic Games and use Unreal Engine, Epic Online Services, and Epic Account Services to build its most ambitious title to date, a multiplatform, non-violent, persistent multiplayer game. The game will be designed to encourage friendship and reduce loneliness in the world. The title will support crossplay and cross-progression.

David Edery, Co-Founder and CEO at Spry Fox said, “Epic understands what we’re making and why it’s so special. They see the opportunity to make something beautiful and non-violent that’s broadly appealing to and can bring together, millions of people. It was clear from the start they believed in us and were willing to provide the support that we needed to tackle something this ambitious. They’ve been a pleasure to work with!”

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