Epic vs. Apple Hearing Turns Out to be a Disaster
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Epic vs. Apple Hearing Turns Out to be a Disaster. Initially, after the court-ordered both teleconference lines up and running, everyone’s lines turned out to be unmuted.

Everyone could hear the chants of “Epic Games! Epic Games! Epic Games!, while someone else said “I’m going to tell my mom, just don’t pick up the line.” There was a commotion with another one who commented “Tim Sweeney better know what he’s doing. If he messes up once, we won’t have iOS back. This call is live, by the way.”

It took nearly 35 minutes into the hearing as the additional line also suffered similar audio issues. The audio also cut off when Epic’s legal team commenced their statement. Journalist Geoff Knightley’s Livestream was bombed with people typing “The audio went out” into the chat. Though one of them realized he was unmuted.

It was crazy when he screamed in the mic “FORTNITE SUCKS, Yo, yo, yo, we can’t hear anything, bro. The audio died or some shit.”

People started enquiring with each other if the audio was audible to them. Everyone on the line was unmuted, while the same person continued his comments. He said “Raise your hand if you think Sweeny is gay,” he said before adding “Man, I’m going to hell for this.”

Earlier in August 2020, Epic Games violated Apple Store terms of the contract by offering Fortnite players a direct payment method, this jumped the App Store. This prohibited Apple from receiving the 30% cut it takes for most of its app store transactions. This is not the end of the story as Epic chose to showcase Apple’s business tactics into a huge antitrust spotlight.

After Apple responded to Epics’ intentional rules violation by booting Fortnite from its App Store, while Epic reacted by suing Apple for all of us to see today’s mess.

The feed remained dead for nearly 10 mins, after which the court got the audio going. Just about enough for a fella to comment “Please don’t free Fortnite!”

Hardly one minute into the proceeding another man heavily breathing yelled “Reddit, Reddit, Reddit.”

A huge commotion before the second lawyer started talking, the same person babble into the mic. This forced the lawyer to stop and silence for a second before the same man repeated his babbling.

After witnessing all the mess, the court decided to simply mute everyone. It would have been a better idea if the Livestream was aired via YouTube. That’s how it’s been done in other cases, let’s hope we get to see the technical issues resolved soon. If not then we will have to continue listening to the proceeding with animal noises while the audience members should end up being in school for interrupting the court proceeding making those noises.