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Ferrari is waiting for you in Fortnite after cars were added to the game in Chapter 2 Season 2 to replace crazy creative cars such as grappling hooks, giant mech suits etc. Now the Ferrari 296 GTB has made its way into the game.

Fortnite this time has collaborated with Ferrari to bring three new Ferrari-themed cosmetics today in Item Shop.

Players will be able to choose from Modena Icon’s’ Outfit, ‘Maranello Racer’ Outfit, and Ferrari Turbo Back Bling models available in the Ferrari section of the Item Shop.

The early update today will allow players to access the Ferrari Bundle. It also comes with three Ferrari cosmetics. You can also purchase the cars for a discounted price of 1,400 V-Bucks.

Where to find the Ferrari 296 GTB?

Ferrari 296 GTB will make its appearance on Fortnite starting today July 22. You can drive it all around the island, at insanely high speeds. It also has the ability to boost and allows the player to drive in style like never before.

The player can purchase the new Ferrari cosmetics in the dedicated Ferrari Item Shop. Players can grab two skins featuring Ferrari styles and new character models. Also, a Ferrari back bling can be all yours. You can purchase the three items separately or as a bundle for 1400 bucks.

These are the locations on the map where you can find a Ferrari on the island.Where to find the Ferrari 296 GTB?

  • Gas Stations
  • POIs House

Irrespective of where players find the Ferraris, the new cars will be their fastest way to travel around the map.

Epic Games has not yet announced how long the Ferrari’s will remain available on Fortnite. To be on the safer side is best to hop in and take the new Ferrari for a spin while you can. Maybe this is the only time they get their hands on the steering wheels of a Ferrari in Fortnite.

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