FlickPlay and The Sandbox Gaming Platforms Take Steps Toward Metaverse
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FlickPlay and The Sandbox gaming platforms announce a new partnership that will enable players to use a blockchain asset on both platforms, suggesting key steps towards building Metaverse.

FlickPlay and The Sandbox are working on a so-called interoperability concept. The concept will allow people the option to freely move between virtual worlds on various platforms and carry their virtual clothing and other belongings with them.

This idea will require other companies and developers to collaborate as well such as Meta, Microsoft, and Epic Games. 

FlickPlay app offers players a platform where they can unlock digital collectibles using an interactive map of their actual surroundings. Using a phone camera you can overlay the collectibles in the real world. You can also interact with the objects to make videos and other content. 

FlickPlay app on Monday announced its first NFT collection called Flicky. 

On Monday, the app announced its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called Flicky.  The designs will include an anthropomorphic chameleon wearing different clothes. 

Some users who acquire the Flicky will be able to use the NFT as an avatar on The Sandbox platform for web and mobile where you can build a three-dimensional virtual world.

In the first stage, a version of the chameleon to be used on The Sandbox will be unlocked. According to Pierina Merino, founder, and chief executive of FlickPlay, soon players will be able to use the exact version of the digital asset that is stored on the blockchain in both games. Further explained they are also working on The Sandbox to reach interoperability by the end of the year.

This integration means it will be the first to bridge an NFT in the virtual world with usage linked to the physical world.

Sebastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox said, the partnership with FlickPlay will help “create a more immersive experience that extends into the metaverse and The Sandbox.” 

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