Fortnite 18.40 Release will be Delayed
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Fortnite 18.40 release will be delayed, it has been pushed back and will not launch this week as planned earlier. Instead, the Fortnite v18.40 update will be available next week on November 16. This will also be the last update for Chapter 2 Season 8  which concludes next month.

Earlier Fortnite introduced the invasion by the Cube Queen with version 18.30 released at the end of October. It transformed the center of the island’s map into the Convergence and also offered you the chance to earn Cube Queen skin. 

As planned the next Fortnite version 18.40 was supposed to arrive next week, though popular Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey on Twitter in a tweet suggested it won’t happen. 

Earlier Epic Games mentioned the upcoming Accolades device for Fortnite content creators, it is meant to help players better earn XP in Creative modes. This was supposed to be made available in the 18.40 update, though the Accolades webpage mentioned it won’t be available until November 16 – which is also a patch day for Fortnite.

Also worth mentioning version 18.40 will be the last update for Chapter 2 Season 8, it ends on December 5. This is based on the end date of the current Battle Pass, this means players only have this month to unlock the Cube Queen and Marvel villain Carnage. While it is likely we Epic drops the long-rumored appearance of Naruto as a skin alongside the 18.40 update.

Currently, the League of Legends’ Jinx has made it to Fortnite, to celebrate the release of the Arcane animated series launched this weekend on Netflix. We are not sure if Fornite skins will Jinx, but it is more likely we will. 

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