Fortnite 20.10 Update Brings Battle for Condo Canyon and Unvaults Multiple Items
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The latest Fortnite 20.10 update brings Battle for Condo Canyon and vaults multiple items. The latest additional tweaks will bring freshness to the game content from weapon selection, rebalancing, in-game events, updated location, and gameplay mechanics.   

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 enters its fourth week, earlier in the first-week funds alongside Xbox were raised to help people in Ukraine in times of war. Xbox and Fortnite managed to raise around  $144 million for the European country.

The latest Fortnite 20.10 Update brings Battle for Condo Canyon where players have to defeat the IO to reclaim one of the island’s POIs. The battle is identical to the Daily Bugle, players will be required to fight back three waves of IO Guards and watch out for the looming Huntmaster Saber. Though this time they will have some weapons returning from the vault that will assist them in the latest battle on the island.

The popular Jetpacks are coming back to the battle royale with this hotfix. They were first introduced back in 2018, and have always been the fan’s favorite mobility items since then. Jetpacks make a comeback with more improvements as now players can hover and strafe when aiming down sights. This is something the fans have been demanding for a long time. You can find the Jetpacks along the IO Blimps.

Fortnite’s Egg Launcher, an Easter-themed weapon, is also making a comeback. You can find it in Chests and on the ground. Basically, they are Bouncy Eggs, players can use them for a low-gravity effect while restoring a small amount of shield. You can find it on the ground across the entire island.

While the MK-Seven Assault Rifle gets fully funded giving you many options when it comes to reclaiming Condo Canyon. The latest Fortnite 20.10 update introduces many unique returning items which expand the selection of weaponry. 

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