Fortnite 3.43 Update Patch Notes – Jan 20 2022
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Fortnite 3.43 update patch notes will be released today, Jan 20, 2022. Though it will bring no new content as expected with a major patch released just yesterday. 

Fortnite released v19.10 update brings your favorite location Tilted Towers and a new wildlife animal Klombo. 

You can now enjoy riding on top of a Klombo, though there is a risk of being snipped as you have no cover. All the same, you can feed them with Klomberries to get loot or use the blowhole at the top of its head to rotate away from a fight or move into a new circle quickly. 

The latest update has brought a new life to the game, though you need to be careful of the bugs which may come along. Fortnite has taken care of several major bugs in the recent update release while more will be released in the future. 

Epic Games has now released a downloadable Fortnite 3.43 update on PS4 and PS5. The same will also be rolled out for Android, and Xbox consoles. So let’s get started to find out what’s new in Fortnite 3.43 Update Patch Notes released today. 

Fortnite 3.43 Update Patch Notes – Jan 20, 2022
There won’t be any new content with the release of the 3.43 update patch today, with a major patch released just a day ago. 

Don’t expect much from today’s patch as it will basically be a maintenance patch. It will address stability issues that came from the 19.10 release. Also the issue with color blind settings not saving has been addressed in it. 

The issue was present on the PC which has been before the release of new files. The new files were deployed on PS4, PS5, Android, and Xbox consoles. Hopefully, Nintendo Switch users will be getting a fix for their issue today. 

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