Fortnite 3.44 Update Patch Notes - Jan 24 2022
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Fortnite 3.44 Update Patch Notes – Jan 24, 2022, will be rolling out across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch users will have to wait a little longer. With Fortnite introducing an update a few days ago, the Fortnite 3.44 update patch will not have any major changes to the game. We bring all the details of Fortnite 3.44 update patch notes.

Fortnite 3.44 Update Patch Notes
Fortnite 3.44 update patch notes bring a fix for the issue with the Support-A-Creator UI missing from the pre-game lobby of some Creative islands.

As mentioned earlier it is not gonna have any major changes, there will be a minor change that not many players will even notice especially if you are not venturing the Creative Mode. 

Players who are facing issues with Support-A-Creator UI missing from the pre-game lobby will be happy with this fix. The new update will implement the UI once again which will be a huge welcome for content creators. 

With minimal updates to the game with this patch, we can expect to see Epic Games deploy another update this week, with much more features added to it. 

The recent update saw the return of the Tilted Towers back on the map. Now players can enjoy Fortnite on their iPhone and look like the fan following will just keep growing considering the updates Fortnite has been actively bringing to the game in recent times.

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