Fortnite 4th Birthday Event - New Armored Walls and More
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With the addition of the New Armoured Walls, Shockwave and more Fortnite is showing no signs of slowing down as far as new content is concerned for the Fortnite 4th Birthday Event. As we prepare to enter the second week, Fortnite has already released its first update for Season 8. Just makes one remember the good old days.

The latest update for Season 8 does not require a download, it is more like a hotfix. Don’t go by the cover of the book, it still has plenty of changes to enjoy.
Fortnite 4th Birthday Event Updates

Armored Wall itemArmored Wall itemThe new Armored Wall item will offer players the strongest ever protection against enemy attacks. Players can place them on any build piece, it increases the HP to 2,500. This is an ideal situation where you are desperate to heal but keep getting sprayed.

You can locate the Armored Walls as floor loot or in Supply Drops and drop in stacks of five. A maximum of 29 Armored Walls can be held at a time. Since you cannot edit an Armored Wall, you will be forced to find an alternative way out.

Shockwave Launcher vs Rift-To-GoShockwave Launcher vs Rift-To-GoYou can set up POIs across the map by heading over to one of the new Donation Boards to take part in the next community vote. You can bring back the Shockwave Launcher or Rift-To-Go from the Fortnite vault by pledging your gold bars.

There are more campaigns coming up throughout the season, where you will get the chance to unvault the Combat Shotgun, Boogie Bomb, and more.

ith the Fortnite Fourth Birthday event coming up on September 26th, the signature Battle Royale game mode will be turned on. This means we will get an in-game celebration, free goodies, and of course…cake!Fortnite Fourth Birthday EventFortnite Fourth Birthday EventThe Fortnite Fourth Birthday Event begins from 9 AM ET on September 24 until 2 AM ET on September 28. Consume Birthday Cakes to replenish your health and shields and find rare loot inside Birthday Presents. We may witness the Battle Bus join in with the festivities too.

During the same timeframe, complete the special birthday-themed Quests to earn a few treats for your locker. You also get the chance this year to grab Back Bling, Hooplah Hammer Pickaxe, and 4? Score! Emoticon.

Spoiler Alert

Donation Board voting, Armored Walls, and Birthday Cakes will remain disabled in competitive playlists. The Carnage and Venom Symbiote mythics have been removed and the fog to has been reduced.

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