Fortnite Adds Janky a Streetwear Cat to Battle Royale
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Fortnite is known to add a number of virtual influencers, this time it’s the turn of Janky, a streetwear cat. The character will be available in the Fortnite item shop starting tonight.

Earlier last season, Fortnite introduced Guggimon, a terrifying-looking rabbit, a virtual influencer with millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The character was created by a company called Superplastic, it has also worked with the likes of the Gorillaz.Fortnite Adds Janky a Streetwear Cat to Battle Royale -1Fortnite is known to come up with surprises, though the Janky character may seem odd. It just goes to show how Fortnite popularity is steadily spreading to every facet of pop culture, be it sports, music, or superheroes.

There is a growing trend of virtual influencers moving beyond social networks to places such as music videos, press conferences, and physical installations. You can add to this some CG characters that partner with Gucci and Christie’s NFT drops.

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