Fortnite Big Bush Bomb Quest
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Fortnite Big Bush Bomb Quest comes with the latest Fortnite 23.20 major patch changes to Chapter 4, Season 1. It also features fresh content in the form of  the Falcon Scout and new Siphon Reality Augments, along with an upcoming The Kid LAROI concert and skin later this week. 

The new Big Bush Bomb item dropped in-game just yesterday in the form of weekly quests which includes throwing it down to hide in one of the bushes it generates, all in the name of stealth.

How to Throw Down Bushes and Hide in Them

To complete the Fortnite Big Bush Bomb Quest players are required to find and equip Big Bush Bombs on the map and set up a personal stealth shrub to hide in.

First you need to start a game on Fortnite to throw down bushes and hide in them and do the following:

  • Locate Big Bush Bombs on the map.
    You can find Big Bush Bombs as regular map loot, in supply drops, and in both standard and Oathbound chests.
  • Equip the Bombs.
  • Aim and press the shoot button to throw down a bush anywhere.
  • Walk into the bush and crouch.
  • This will mark the quest complete and will reward 16,000 XP.

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