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Good news for Fortnite players who also love soccer, Brazilian soccer star Neymar is likely to make an appearance in Fortnite on March 16th. Epic Games has released a teaser video in one of its tweets, reported by Eurogamer. The tweet displays the popular Neymar’s No. 10 jersey.

The chances of Neymar making an appearance in Fortnite are rare, though the Brazillian star soccer player did respond to the tweet. He retweeted the video with the “eyes” emoji” adding fuel to the fire.

Certainly, Neymar fans are worldwide and this is going to be a great opportunity for Fortnite gamers if it happens.

It might also be a marketing stunt keeping in mind the upcoming Zero Crisis Finale single-player mission. On the other hand, Naymer has been off the football field since he was injured several months ago.

Epic Games has always been known to host live events in the past. The Marshmello concert in 2019 was a record-setter with nearly 10 million people present for the game. Later the Travis Scott performance managed to gather around 12 million people. At the start of the year, 2021 Epic Games pledged $20 million for esports in Fortnite.
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