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The latest Fortnite update brings a lot of exciting things and if you are looking to finish some milestone quests using the new Klombo dinosaurs, here are some tips on how to feed them klomberries.

The game has become alive with the addition of the Tilted Towers and addition of some new weaponry. While the addition of Giant Dinosaurs in Fortnite, also known as Klombos, can prove to be helpful to players and reward them with special rewards for feeding them.

There is a quest in Fortnite Chapter 3 where you have to feed 10 klomberries to a Klombo. For this, you will be rewarded 8,000 experience points. So if you are looking to knock out some quests or gain an advantage in battle, follow the guide below to complete this quest.

Klomberry Location in FortniteKlomberry Location in FortnitePlayers can find klomberries growing in any of the grassy regions of the map. Klomberries are small blue plants that grow in the middle of the grassy fields. They spawn randomly in various places, though they generally are located near the center area of the map. Klomberry Location in Fortnite_1Each plant bears around two Klomberries, which means players need to find at least five of them to complete the milestone quest in Fortnite.

How to Feed Klombo in Fortnite?How to Feed Klombo in FortniteThere is no specific location on the map where you can find Klombos. Though these huge and loud dinosaurs can be found only at a couple of places on the map. These locations are next to the Tilted Towers and the other is the Daily Budge. Players can easily find them at these locations if the Klombo moves before players get there.

Players will need to hold the berries in their hands once they find them and throw them on the ground in front of the Klombo.  The Klombo will take a few seconds to watch it and later suck it up and eat it. In the process, it will drop powerful weapons. Additionally, players can also throw multiple Klomberries on the ground in front of the dinosaur if they are in a hurry. You need not do it one at a time. Feed Klombo in Fortnite_TechnoidHostThe other way of feeding the Klombos is to calm them down once engaged. In case you end up shooting them, they will immediately start attacking anyone in its general vicinity. The only way to stop them from attacking is to feed them with Klomberries. Players who succeed in feeding ten berries to the Klombo in a single or multiple matches will be rewarded and see a green checkmark on the quest.

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