Fortnite Chapter 3 - Rogue Agent Starter Pack Set to  Return 
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Rogue Agent Starter Pack is set to make its return in Fortnite Chapter 3, the new leaks suggest this and it will be a great way for players to start their cosmetic collection. Players will be able to acquire multiple items, including skins but with real-world money instead of V-Bucks. 

The Rogue Agent Starter Pack made an appearance in Fortnite back in 2018, with a skin name with the name and was in fact the very first Starter Pack bundle introduced in the Epic Games title.

Rogue Agent Starter Pack  Set to  Return
Rogue Agent Starter Pack Set was earlier live in Fortnite from March 27, 2018, through June 11, 2018. You were able to purchase the Black Vector set through the Rogue Agent Starter Pack for $4.99. Epic’s rarity contained the Rogue Agent skin and the Catalyst back bling. Players were able to get the Fortnite Starter Pack along with the cosmetic items with 600 V-Bucks to spend however they wanted. 

We will see these Starter Packs coming back to Fortnite, though the days of rare skins being safe from resale are long gone. Recent leaks suggest the skin has been updated and can be available sometime soon. Some of these leakers have discovered data that says Rogue Agent is making a comeback. Some leakers think the bots have come across an error or some perhaps the server crashing and the bots being fooled. 

Rumors are always going to be inaccurate and indecisive as they are based on speculations. We will need to wait for an official statement from Epic Games. But don’t get surprised to find the Rogue Agent Starter Pack Set back on Fortnite.

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