Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 -Three New NPCs Locations  Haven Shanta & Galactico
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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has introduced three new NPCs Haven, Shanta, and Galactico. Players will need to find the new mission Talk to Haven, Shanta, or Galactico in-game, those succeeding to fulfill the task will earn 25,000 XP toward this season’s battle pass. 

The three NPCs are located around the island and players will be required to interact with only one during a match to complete the mission and earn the experience.

Haven is the easiest NPC location to find and is located at Lil’ Shaftie. You can find the spot far Southeast of Greasy Grove, players can land there directly which makes it easy to access. Players can also use the Chapter 3 map to make things easier and search for her landmark location, it is labeledHaven’s Oasis. Once the players see her long braided hair and red sweater with yellow details, they will come to know they have found the right NPC. 

Apart from speaking with the Haven players can also pay Haven to use her rift services, this will teleport them to a chosen location. For players who wish to complete as many challenges as possible, this location also has the cactus plants which you need to destroy for week 8 challenges. 

Shanta NPC can be found South of Condo Canyon, since it is a popular landing spot in Fortnite, it will be relatively easy if players choose to drop at Sven Outpost IV instead of Condo Canyon. On reaching the outpost, you must cross the river and travel East to find Shanta near the stone structures along the coast. 

You can easily identify Shanta with her black and gold enchanted armor. Like Haven, Shanta also offers the option to teleport players, and additionally, it can be hired to fight alongside the player, this can prove to be advantageous for players fighting solo. If you want you can also collect valuable loot at Sven Outpost IV before making their way across the river to Shanta.

The third NPC is Galactico, which can be found at the Tilted Towers in Fortnite. It is located near a caged football field. Galatico will be dressed in light blue athletic clothing and practicing his soccer. 

Players will need to approach the Tilted Towers cautiously since it’s a very popular in-game destination and may be difficult to safely navigate to Galactico. On finding and interacting with Galactio, they will find the NPC sells the Legendary Stinger SMG as well as the recently added Shield Kegs. Galatico can also be hired to fight alongside players in Tilted Towers.

Players are only required to find one of these NPCs to complete the mission. Ideally, we would suggest going for the least dangerous and easy location. While Galatico is the most dangerous location of the three, he offers to sell players unique items in Fortnite. In case you chose to find Shanta or Galactico, you may want to hire them to fight to survive in their popular locations.

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