Fortnite Color Blind Mode - Fortnite acknowledges the issue with not working or setting reset
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Fortnite color blind mode is facing some issues related to the game’s graphic settings. Many players are facing issues with the game behaving erratically as the settings reset to the default ones as they try to change it. 

About Fortnite Color Blind Mode
For those who are not aware of the Fortnite color blind mode, it is useful for people who suffer from color blindness. It enables players to adjust colors to the interface allowing them to enjoy the game. This mode is focused on visually impaired players, but many players use these settings to set alternate color palettes that they like best.

You can understand what we intend to explain in the video below. 

What is Wrong with Fortnite Color Blind Mode?
There are many players complaining about issues with the Fortnite color blind mode. When they try to change the color bling mode settings they are unable to save them. Reddit user Mythical-Hedgehog asked for help, “I play on tritanope 10. But every time I apply the setting it just resets to default. Can someone help?” 

Another Reddit user said, “i’m currently playing rn and my color blindness settings were set back to the default settings. each time i try to change them, i press “apply” or whatever and it applies while in settings but as soon as i close it, the settings revert back to default. is this a bug with the update? I’m also on ps4.”

Fortnite has acknowledged the problem and said, “We’re aware that color blind mode settings are reset and no longer saved. We’re working on a fix and will update you when we have more information to share.”

Note: At the time of writing, 12:02 pm (IST): After PC, the issue with Colorblind mode not working has been resolved on PlayStation and Xbox consoles too. And the Fortnite team is still working to resolve it for Nintendo Switch users.

The players have reported the issue occurring on both console and PC versions of Fortnite. This means all players will be affected by this glitch. 

How to work around the problem of Fortnite Color Blind Mode?
You don’t need to lose heart as there is a potential workaround to the problem of Fortnite color blind mode. While Fortnite comes out with an update that will help resolve the bug, you can try this out. 

Potential fix for Fortnite Color Blind

  • Go To Settings
  • Select your color blindness
  • Instead, exit out of the game and then log back in 
  • This will save your color blindness settings. 

Hope this solution works for you, do mention in the comments section your experience with it. Stay tuned with us to know about any new developments related to the Fortnite color blind mode.

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