Fortnite Dataminers Find Evidence of Tilted Towers Getting Destroyed Again
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Fortnite data miners find evidence of Tilted Towers getting destroyed again, thanks to the earthquakes. 

After making a comeback to Fortnite, it looks like the Tilted Towers will yet again be destroyed. They have been introduced in Fortnite Season 2 when they were taken over by a meteor, destroyed by the cube, and even ruined by a volcano. Disappointment to Fortnite fans as it seems like Tilted never stays intact as Epic Games keeps destroying it all over again.

Recently data miners found clues to the island being hit by an earthquake caused by The Imagined Orders constant digging around the island. The earthquakes will be the cause of the Tilted Towers’ destruction due to the sinkholes which are certain to remove some buildings from the map altogether. 

The data miners have discovered three sinkholes at three buildings closest to the Tilted Towers, forming a sort of ring around it. It is possible that Tilted Towers survive the wrath and avoid getting sunk, but it’s more likely the three buildings will continue to sink and take the Tilted Towers out with it.Fortnite Dataminers Find Evidence of Tilted Towers Getting DestroyedIt’s turning out to be a job looking at the number of times Tilted Towers are being taken out of the game by Epic. This is not the first time too, let’s hope this is just a possibility and not a certainty, leaks are meant to be speculative so let’s wait and watch. Also don’t need to take it too lightly as this is what might happen and slowly work up to destroy the Tilted Towers one more time. 

It certainly looks like earthquakes are going to play a major role in the near future. As this can be occasionally felt by players while playing. There are instances where players have reported random shaking in specific areas of the map ever since the start of this chapter.

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