Fortnite Dead Drop Locations
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Fortnite has introduced the new challenge release schedule with the Epic ones on Tuesday and Legendary ones on Wednesday. While the legendary one being more interesting, players will need to interact with a dead drop in Weeping Woods.

We bring you the map where you can find all the dead drop locations in Weeping Woods. You only need to accomplish one of these challenges but there are many options available.

Fortnite Dead Drop Locations

  • A dead drop in the very north across the river.
  • A dead drop northeast of the bridge over the river.
  • A dead drop southwest of that same bridge.
  • A dead drop in the north bend of the river.
  • A dead drop south of that in another bend of the river.
  • A dead drop in the clearing by the buildings toward the southeast.

Where To Interact With A Dead Drop-In Weeping Woods?

Once you are able to recognize the dead drop locations, they are blue glowing stumps with little wheels on them you can turn. Players will have to discover a top-secret folder inside to get a message about IO from Dr. Slone. Appearing to be part of the ongoing quest to uncover some sort of IO-based conspiracy. In another quest this week you will need to interact with body scanners at IO bases.

The Epic challenges are harder than the legendary challenges as you need to find one dead drop and use one body scanner. It may seem to be a little harder but these certainly are not.

Since there will be challenges on two different days, Legendary challenges will be more diverse unlike the boring ones last season.

Let’s hope this trend continues and weave an interesting story, judging by the last two weeks.

You can expect to witness this to be a permanent thing going forward if the schedule stands.

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