How To Defeat Raz in One Hit
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Fortnite Season 6 brings the latest Spire Quest, where you will take on Raz. But do you know how to defeat Raz in one hit? You will ally with Jonsey and not allow the thief and the hopeful island disruptor, Raz to get away with his plans. Though it is not an easy task to defeat him at The Spire and proves to be challenging for many players. Luckily some Fortnite players have managed to defeat Raz in one hit.

How To Defeat Raz With One Hit?

It is not easy to defeat Raz as it would to the usual Tower Guardians, he has more health than they do. The ability of the lethal energy beam diminishes the health bar of players in its proximity. Players are advised to keep a safe distance while tackling him.

Things are a bit different now as some players have decided to take on Raz with nothing more than a height advantage and harpoon gun.

You will be able to sneak on Raz taking the advantage of height and then use the harpoon gun to nail him down. The gun will draw Raz towards you with 75% instant damage to his health and later when he falls down to the ground it will be fatal for him.

After he is defeated all you need to do is collect the Spire Aircraft and reach the end of the season-long Spire Quest arc. You can only defeat Raz once in each round, so you need to be quick as he is a very popular target since we got the latest 16.30 update.

Keep an eye on the fishing barrels around the river, some of them will contain the harpoon gun. Move as stealthily as you can towards Raz to get the drop on him and go fishing.