Fortnite downtime (Jan - 18) - When will the servers be back up? 
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Fortnite downtime for Chapter 3 Season 1 will commence at 4:00 AM Eastern Time on January 18, 2022. Once the v19.10 update goes live, there will be a lot of changes expected by players to be introduced in the game. 

As usual, servers will remain offline for 30 minutes prior to downtime at approximately 3:30 AM Eastern Time. Though the timeframe may vary, it is best for users to log out early to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

There are a lot of changes expected with the introduction of the latest updates, which include major map changes, new wildlife, new POIs, and possibly new NPCs. All this may take some while and one cannot estimate the exact downtime. 

Tentatively though the downtime for the v19.10 update should end by 6:30 AM Eastern Time. Though players need to understand it can change according to Epic Games’ discretion.

The early buzz within the community suggests the servers crashing once the downtime ends and the game goes live. The much-awaited Tilted Towers are coming back to Fortnite with this update, the hype created around is bound to bring in more players, let’s hope the servers are fine-tuned to handle such traffic. Fortnite downtime (Jan - 18) - When will the servers be back up_1Earlier during Winterfest 2021, Epic Games brilliantly handled the server workloads, by offering improved and expanded server capacity. These improvements will certainly prove to be beneficial in avoiding the server getting overloaded with requests. 

Expected changing with Fortnite v19.10 update
There are a number of changes expected with the introduction of the Fortnite v19.10 update. Apart from the Tilted Towers, there are a few changes here and there that will impact the story. While the other changes will supplement gameplay.Fortnite downtime (Jan - 18) - When will the servers be back up_2The introduction of Imagined Order, will tie directly with the storyline to continue Doctor Slone’s revengeful plan of apprehending Jonesy. Players will get more options during combat with the addition of the Grenade Launcher. Additionally ‘Butter Cakes’ aka large dinosaurs will also begin to appear on the island. Though it is unclear if players will be able to ride them into combat or settle for being chased by them around the map.Fortnite downtime (Jan - 18) - When will the servers be back up_3Some minor assets such as snow cover on trees and structures will also be removed to prepare for spring. Let’s just hope Fortnite developers don’t remove all the snow and leave behind a small snowy biome for fans to enjoy.

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