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We bring you everything you want to know about exotic weapons in Fortnite. Fortnite has a number of exotic weapons like the Dragon’s Breath Sniper and Burst Quad Launcher first appeared in the game in Chapter 2 Season 5. You can purchase it for gold from NPCs on the island. Exotic weapons are considered to be the strongest weapons in Fortnite and cost you gold bars though there are very limited chances of you getting them.

So if you got the gold required to make a purchase you can head over to the NPCs stationed at that location from where you can purchase. Players should remember not all weapons you get here will be the most powerful, though you can smuggle more excitement into the game by using them.

Fortnite currently has three different exotic weapons in the game. We bring you all the details about the same as follows:

BOOM SNIPER RIFLEBOOM SNIPER RIFLEBOOM SNIPER RIFLE is available for 2 NPCs. It is located around The Sanctuary at The Scientist and at Lt. John Llama in the southwest of Logjam Lumberyard. The boom sniper rifle will cost players 600 gold. Using the weapon you can fire explosive pumps that deal 10 damage when hit and 60 when exploded later.

THE DUBThe DubThe Dub is a shotgun you can shoot like Flint Knock. Players can purchase it on the south side of The Joneses, near a caravan Bunker Jonesy. It can be all yours for 600 gold bars. The Dub has two shots and maximum damage of 120.

MARKSMAN SIX SHOOTERMarksman Six ShooterMarksman Six Shooter is a weapon you locate at Cuddle Team Leader in the pink building at Camp Cuddle and Mancake in Buttern Barn. Players can buy it for 400 gold, it has six rounds in its magazine and wounds 24 per shot. This is an ideal weapon for players that aim well and hit to quadruple this damage.

Don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below, also tell us about your experience using any of these three exotic weapons. Which is your favorite?

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