Fortnite Gold Lara Croft skin
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With the Fish Fiesta Week launched in Battle Royale, Fortnite fans can easily unlock Gold Lara Croft Skin.

A new POI has been added to the Battle Royale island on PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch by the developers of Epic Games. The new POI is to the south of Flush, it is home to the recently added Fortnite character Orelia.

Orelia is armed with a golden assault rifle, a useful weapon for taking out the competition. But when you visit the area dressed as Lara Croft, you’ll walk away with more than just an assault rifle.

How to unlock Gold Lara Croft skin?

You can manage to equip yourself with a gold variant of Lara Croft skin if you are quick enough to run past Orelia and grab the golden assault rifle without having to fight.

Once you succeed in grabbing the weapon before getting killed, you’ll unlock the Golden Lara Croft skin.

You can view the location in the map below and the video to understand the entire process of unlocking the gold variant skin.Lara-Croft-Orelia-map-location

Fish Fiesta will run until the next week from now, it makes it easier for players to catch fish and grab submerged weapons.

Fortnite blog stated, “In this Fish Fiesta, fishing spots will persist longer AND harbor rare fish more often. Weapons found from fishing spots will only be of the Rare rarity or above. To boot, Pro Fishing Rods have become more plentiful.”

Fortnite Fish Fiesta weekly challenges

  1. Get Intel on Wildfire from Bushranger, Tarana, Rex, Cluck, or Grill Sergeant (1)
  2. Hunt a Boar (1)
  3. Spend 7 seconds within 7 meters of a fleeing chicken (1)
  4. Gain health in the Storm (1)
  5. Shockwave Grenade yourself while in the Storm (1)
  6. Survive Storm phases (10)
  7. Build in the Storm (10)

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