Grappler Bow Exotic Weapon in the Game
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Grab your Grappler Bow as the exotic weapon is not available with the latest update released. The latest Fortnite update brings a lot of additions worth your attention. With everyone looking out for new weapons one such weapon that has made it to the game is the Grapplet Bow.

We have managed to gather some information about the exotic weapon, the latest weapon addition to Fortnite.

How to get Grappler Bow in Fortnite?

The Grappler Bow was released along with Lara Croft being announced as an NPC character. There have been speculations about the exotic weapon being added and players were curious to find it. You can find the Grappler Bow in Stealthy Stronghold and it can be all yours for 500 Gold Bars.

This is the only way players can get access to the Grappler Bow in the game. There is also a possibility, Lara Croft might not make the trade. You will need to keep trying else the next game could be your best chance.

Fortnite – Batman is coming soon

DC will be releasing Batman skin in the game soon, though there are no updates about the same, you can enjoy the video released by the makers about the Batman skin.