Fortnite - How to Find Omni Chip Locations
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The Fortnite Week 2 challenge is to find Omni Chips locations hidden around the map. The Omni Chips can be used to customize the Omni Sword. In this guide, we bring you details on how to find Omni Chip locations.

How to Find Omni Chip Locations?
You can discover Omni Chips around the map hidden every week on Fortnite. Along with other loot and items introduced in Fortnite, Chapter 3 Season, 2  players can find Omni Chips spread across the island which they can collect as they progress in the game. 

Omni Chips are spread across 9 locations around Fortnite’s map this week. Earlier last week they were hidden throughout the map, though things are a bit different this week. Omni Chips can now be used to customize the Omni Sword, and are not directly related to the story or a particular side-quest in Chapter 3, Season 2.

Omni Sword is a new special weapon cosmetic, amongst the many other new weapons available in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. The Omni Sword can be customized in many ways to give it a different appearance using the Omni Chips. You are required to unlock the Omni Sword on reaching level 2 of the Battle Pass. Please note you will not be able to view Omni Chip until you unlock the Omni Sword.

Fortnite – Omni Chip Locations

Chonker’s Speedway
1. Under the main bridge,
2. On the hill next to the bridge
3. On the north side of the race track. 

Loot Lake
1. On the west side of the small island, floating above the water
2. North side of the small island, floating above the water
East Side of the small island, floating above the water.

Temple in Fortnite
1. Top of the biggest pyramid in the Southern area
Top of the smallest pyramid in the Western area.

Mighty Monument
1. Patch of sand west of the Mighty Monument’s statue.
2. North of the Might Monument statue.
3. Dock to the east of the Mighty Monument statue.

You can easily find them as a hovering red and white square chip with a glowing white ray of light protruding from them appears. Players can collect as many Omni Chips they want, the more they collect they can unlock more customizations options for their Omni Sword. Thus enabling you to transform into their own special weapon of choice. To get the chance to unlock more collectibles, you will need to purchase Fortnite’s Crew Membership for April for even more rewards and V-Bucks.

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