Fortnite June Crew Pack
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Fortnite follows up the teaser earlier this week which hinted at the arrival of new Fortnite skins with the revelation of Fortnite June Crew Pack. Players will get a few more days to get the Deimos bundle, which includes the Save the World mode.

For those who subscribe to Fortnite, June Crew Pack will get the Mecha Cuddle Master next month, a new take on the Cuddle Team Leader cosmetic, it has been one of the most popular skins in Fortnite since it was first added. Along with the Mecha skin, you can get alternate skin styles, a new pickaxe, and more.

What does Fortnite June Crew Pack offer?

  • Starts on May 31 around 8 p.m. ET
  • Fortnite Crew users will get the content pack for Loving Master Mecha. The character has appeared on various Battle Royale loading screens. It is the leader of the Loving team.
  • Loving Master Mecha is ready to enter the pitched battles after a number of interdimensional journeys. The Mecha bundle features the Psychotronic Wings Retro Backpack, the Love Torch Pickaxe, and the Caring Mecha Paper.
  • Backpack and Peak, which will be available in the default Pink, the Midnight style in black and white, and the Campal style in white and red.

Players will receive 1000 V-Bucks in June and immediate access to the Battle Pass for Season 6 of Chapter 2. Apart from this players can also take advantage of their June subscription to get the Season 7 pass.

New subscribers will also get 3 months of Spotify Premium free, which they can use in a new Spotify account.

The package will be released starting at 7:00 PM, Mexico City time, on the date indicated. As an additional reward, Epic will give room music later. Below is a trailer that shows the content.

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