Fortnite Leak - New Marshmello Skin
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The latest Fortnite leak suggests new Marshmello skin is coming soon to Fortnite. You can soon witness the famous DJ taking center stage.

Fortnite is popular for hosting major in-game events based on elements of pop culture. Every season Fortnite has been able to enrich its collection via numerous crossovers and enhanced the player experience with more recreational events such as concerts.

Marshmello was one of the first to give live concerts on Fortnite, ever since then players have been enjoying a number of events featuring the DJ, with his own Icons series skin. Soon Marshmello will again be in the spotlight in Fortnite battle royale as reports of the arrival of new Marshmello skin make news.marshmello

New Marshmello Skin Will Soon be Available on Fortnite

Popular Fortnite data miner Hypex, discovered an upcoming responsive skin with a Meta tag applied. Commonly this happens when new skins are added with their own challenges or with some peculiarity.

Though the findings don’t accurately specify the existence of the Marshmello code, speculations have started making rounds in the Fortnite community. The DJ already has his own skin on Fortnite, perhaps we may get to witness an improved variant with lighting effects, like a performers’ stage costume.

We have already enjoyed the special event for Neymar Jr, focusing on football in Season 6. We may find Marshmello present at the UEFA Champions League final.

These are rumors so don’t need to be disappointed if we fail to discover the new skin arriving in time for the UEFA final. Also the new skin in the Fortnite code does not indicate if Marshmello will be in the spotlight.

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