Fortnite Leak Reveals New Pizza Party Item
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A Fortnite leak reveals New Pizza Party item, its updates like these that keeps the Fortnite massive player base growing. Fortnite stays true to its tradition by bringing a non-stop stream of patches, hotfixes, and updates and it’s proving to be exciting for all the players. 

The leak suggests the arrival of a new Pizza Party item to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Already Fortnite has introduced heaps of content with plenty of unique items, game mechanics, and crossover skins like League of Legends’ Vi regularly added to the game.

We have already witnessed Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit POI in an earlier edition of Fortnite. It existed throughout many of the island’s iterations. Though there never has been an edible pizza available at the fictional pizza chain. 

According to HYPEX, a reputable Fortnite leaker, the new Pizza Party item will enable players to carry around an entire pizza or in parts i.e a slice or two. The Pizza Party item comes in eight slices and can simultaneously heal 25 health and shield per slice. You can only carry one box per slot and much it down to access the slices. The Pizza slices come as two per slot and can restore up to 50 shields.

HYPEX explained the Pizza Party item will be included in the regular loot pool, and may also be purchased from the Tomatohead NPC located in the newly accessible Tilted Towers POI. The item will follow the non-weapon items this season which includes the versatile Tents and the more recently added Shield Keg a few weeks ago. The Shield Keg acts as a shield fountain, spraying in the area immediately when thrown for long enough to get the shield from zero to full within seconds. Though it cannot restore health like Pizza Party.

Fortnite will also offer players unique, noncombative experiences in addition to the regular new content to its primary battle royale mode. Earlier last week The Fortnite Creative revealed the KAWS art exhibit. It is based on the real-world “KAWS NEW FICTION” exhibit currently in London’s famous Serpentine North Gallery. In the game, you will get to experience the original works of the prolific contemporary artist as they appear in real life. You will get to see versions of KAWS’ Companion character, which also exists as a Fortnite skin.

The Pizza Party item is expected to appear in Fortnite on Jan 25, and will for sure be a winner. There are rumors of the arrival of some sort of pizza loving and crime-fighting turtles coming to the game as well. 

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