Fortnite Leak Suggests Inflate-A-Bull Turns Players into Cows
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Recent Fortnite leaks suggest the new item Inflate-A-Bull introduced to Fortnite will turn players into cows. Several changes have been made since the Fortnite v17.00 update, it has changed the theme of the island, now it includes Aliens, UFOs, and new NPCs.

Fortnite Season 7 – Players can Turn into Cows

The recent update rolled out for Fortnite Season 7 on June 22nd by Epic includes the Cosmic Summer event and the addition of Alien Parasites to the island. A number of data miners have revealed about loopers being kidnapped and taken to the giant Alien Mothership. An addition of two new items which include Alien Nanites and “Inflate-A-Bull” was also revealed.

Players will gain cow-like properties with the Inflate-A-Bull item. As per the in-game description, it will enable them to roll down hills and bounce off cliffs. It was also revealed that the item is impervious to fire.

Further details revealed by Hypex suggest players can wear the Inflate-A-Bull item like a backpack/jetpack, and loopers will be required to jump in the air to deploy the item. Players will get a directional impulse once it is deployed. Loopers will be required to use the item wisely as it has a cooldown of 8 to 16 seconds.

Players will be advised to survey the area properly and look out for enemies prior to using the Inflate-A-Bull item as it can be popped out when enemies shoot. If you are in love with the cow mowing you’re gonna like this as it also plays a cow sound.

Surely this season everyone is pumped up as Epic brings massive changes to Fortnite island since the beginning of Season 7. Perhaps the best season ever where players are enjoying their encounters with Alien Parasites and the number of NPCs in the game. Certainly, the latest leaks will get all the gamers out there excited, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Inflate-A-Bull in the game.

How to Use Inflate-A-Bull?

We want you to be ready as the new Inflate-A-Bull item comes to Fortnite making you an untouchable wolf. This suit will give you the properties of a cow to roll down heels, bounce off cliffs and be fire-resistant. You can also use it with your friends for some good funny moments together.

To get started you will have to simply equip yourself with it and once you jump in the air you turn into a bull and be able to roll down the hills and fall off cliffs and use it to travel. A reminder once you enable the Inflate-A-Bull you will not be able to use your weapon. Play smartly and have a good time, leave your comments in the section below.

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