Fortnite Leaks Suggest New Clip System to Show Off your Gameplay
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Recent Fortnite leaks suggest a new clip system coming to the game for players to show off their gameplay. This will allow players to capture their best moments in the game. 

Who does not enjoy the thrill of jumping onto Fortnite, exchanging fire with the opponent, and totally outplaying them? The fun starts when you master skills like building, snipe, or a 300 IQ play. The best part is to capture that moment and show off your gameplay to others. 

Unless you are using a streaming platform to record all your gameplays it can be a bit frustrating to get hands-on a clip of the action.

According to Fortnite leakers, the game will be introducing a built-in clipping function soon.

ShiinaBR a Fortnite leaker in a tweet mentioned after March 1’s 19.40 Fortnite update,  Epic will be introducing the Clips feature to the game.

She also mentions the tool as, “The Postparty app lets you capture 30-second clips of gameplay and share them with your friends.”

It looks like the tool will be called ‘Postparty,’ and enable players to record 30 seconds of gameplay recording at a time. That would be amazing as you can easily capture a kill or two or even a Victory Royale, though you may not be able to capture the entire game.

If you are using a gaming console such as PS5 or Xbox Series X, they all come with a built-in clipping functionality. Though it can be a bit frustrating to retrieve these clips from your console, especially if you’re looking to post them on social media. 

With the latest clip system, players will be able to capture their in-game activity, access and save these videos and show them off to their friends in the pre-game lobby too.

Fortnite has not officially mentioned this tool or its release date. Also, not all leaks come into the game, so let’s just sit back and wait to hear from Fortnite. In yet another leak it looks like an Assassin’s Creed crossover is coming to Fortnite as well. 

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