Fortnite: Lightning Cup Tournament
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Epic Games has announced the Lightning Cup Tournament, it’s a new tournament mode for Fortnite’s competitive scene. The Lightning Cup is a different mode from all other competitions. 

What is Lightning Cup?
According to Fortnite Competitive, the game will host two Lightning Cup events by next week. The first event will take place on March 15th, while the second is on March 17th.  The event is intended to promote vigorous competition to help ensure that all competitive play of the Game is fun, fair, and free from Toxic Behavior.

The Lightning Cup differs from the rest as it will not have the usual prize pool. Perhaps a test runs for Epic Games with this mode. While the tournaments are scheduled for Chapter 3, Season 2 will still follow their original schedule.

With the new Lightning Cup, players can expect to be introduced with new formats. These formats will be new concepts to competitive Fortnite such as “Best Of” and “High Score”. Fortnite competitive tweet suggests that the number of elimination will be quite significant.

  • “Best Of” – Your best 5 matches out of 7 will be the only matches that count towards the Leaderboard.
  • “High Score” – Your best match in 2 hours will be the only match that counts towards the Leaderboard.

This means to secure a spot on the Leaderboard, they must get a Victory Royale and a good amount of eliminations. Just goes to show that matches in this competition will be intense and grueling for the participants.

You can find more details about Lightning Cup here.

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