Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machine low Spawn rate Frustrating players Challenges cannot be completed
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Fortnite thrives on the regular updates it brings to the game, Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machine being one such that got many players excited. Fortnite has got many other updates in the form of items, weapons, characters, maps, and challenges. 

The updates have brought some interesting sets of weekly challenges for players to complete and earn rewards. Some of the challenges introduced are based on buying an item from a Malfunctioning Vending Machine. We would like to warn you the challenge is next to impossible due to the low vending machine spawn. 

Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machine Low Spawn Rate Frustrating Players
Since the Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machine challenge has been established, the vending machine’s spawn has dropped considerably.  It is frustrating for players as they have spent hours without encountering a vending machine. 

Some of the users have taken to Twitter like @TNoresman, @CaitlynLuna_, @JdevMoand many more.

Reddit users, u/bethehope/ said, “The malfunctioning vending machine challenge is total complete excrementitious nonsense. I check over half of them each game. Ramp high, die. Over and over again and still I haven’t found one. If it takes more than 45 mins which it has then that qualifies as excrementitious nonsense. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result. This my friends is why I quit playing Fortnite and I am realizing I need to stop again. The game does not value my time. This silliness is madness.”

Many of the users are finding the challenge complete nonsense, as they keep checking for the vending machine again and again and yet are not able to find one. Again after spending nearly 45 minutes it qualifies as excrementitious nonsense.  

It would be best for players to stay clear of Malfunctioning Vending Machine Quest. Another Reddit user also expressed his frustration, as he spent nearly 4 hours without getting one. He has more than 100k worth of game XP from attempts which makes him feel silly as he searched 150 machines without any luck. 

Players have to play dozens of matches to find a single vending machine. This could mean playing around 50-60 matches. Earlier it was relatively easy to malfunction a vending machine and one could find them quite often. The Reddit user said, when he finally found one at shifty shafts, with a player sitting right on it. He fought them and they just spam built a box around themself, needless to say, I won by a significant margin.

Let’s hope Epic Games takes note of this problem and we get to see some changes in the next few days. To learn about more Fortnite bugs 

At the moment, Epic Games has not ruled on the complaints of the players. If any related changes arise in the next few days, we will update this article.

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