Fortnite NBA Skins Leak
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Fortnite NBA Skins leak suggests Epic Games and NBA teams are preparing for a crossover event, something for the basketball fans to get excited about.

Epic has been busy in an ongoing court case with Apple, also it has been trying to get in a mini basketball game to Fortnite Party Royale. This included the Zion Williamson versus LeBron James community competition.

Recent leaks point towards these ideas earlier discussed in June 2020 coming to the game now. The ideas have been retained and possibly make their appearance alongside update 16.40.

Hypex, a well-known Fortnite leakster, in a few tweets revealed ten customizable Fortnite skins. This includes the upcoming NBA Fortnite Skins. The initial images show players wearing Fortnite branded jerseys and team apparel. This might perhaps be the default option similar to what the NFL branded Fortnite skins did with basic blue and red uniforms for regular players without any real team’s logo and colors.

Non-NBA basketball skins are already available on Fortnite but the new ones are something more than that. Players will be able to customize the new skins backboards worn as Back Bling with interchangeable logos similar to the NFL skins of last year.

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