Fortnite New Crossover Features A Fan-Favorite Destiny Map
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Fortnite new crossover features a fan favourite Destiny Map. Over the years Fortnite’s crossovers and collaborations have numerous from other universes, franchises, and even media. In more recent news, we saw Spider-Man and Goku from Dragon Ball Z. This time we are talking about the Javelin-4 map from Destiny’s Crucible mode.

According to IGN, the latest collaboration with Bungie will feature in Javelin-4 maps that will be recreated within Fortnite’s Creative Toolset. All this will be done using the pre-existing items present in Epic Games’ battle royale. 

Earlier Sony acquired Bungie and plays a major role in the map’s recreation with its visual guidance, while the Team PWR reconstructed the map using the assets from Fortnite. The outcome has been satisfying, as it offers reconstructed virtual playground thats almost identical to the real deal.

The team behind this project only had access to existing assets, so the building restrictions were just a bit more difficult. The creatives were able to use items present in Fortnite that looked similar to those found in Destiny. With close attention paid to detail, the map was still visually appealing and offered the same feeling of location.

But their’s more to Fortnite than meets the eye. The game, not only copied to Destiny three iconic character classes, also brought over their abilities and weapons. This cross-pollination is notable because Fortnite is the first video game to do so.

The crossover of the hottest game Fortnite with Destiny transfers maps, characters, armor, and weapons from one game to another. This is the first major crossover for Destiny, which has introduced guns from Halo before.

Destiny 2 is also getting a downloadable content called Lightfall. This new expansion will follow the story of The Witness, so those who are impatient should play the game while they wait. Destiny 2 launched in September, but is scheduled to receive its second DLC next December.

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