Fortnite New Season Drops Buildings from the Main Mode
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Fortnite new season drops building from its main mode. Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 is underway, though you will not have the core mechanics of the game in place you will still end up destroying a few other objects. You will no longer receive wood, stone, or metal to help you create a temporary base or instantly build a barrier to protect yourself from enemy fire.

If you are in love with the buildings you can still have them in the competitive, creative, and Save the World modes. With its unavailability in the main mode, it looks like restoring builds will be the key part of this season’s storyline (at least in the early going).

This season Epic Games has filled the void of building with more movement mechanics. Last season we saw the removal of web-shooters, though the good news is the default run is now faster. This means you will be able to sprint even more quickly for short bursts. Now you can bust open a door by simply sprinting at or sliding into it. You can also mantle onto ledges that are too high to land on with your feet.

Players can earn 50 extra shield points with the addition of an over shield on top of their health and regular shield. Unlike health and shields, your overshield will recharge by itself, though they will be depleted first. 

Nonetheless, buildings have been a prominent feature that has been around with Fortnite. It has made it one of the most popular games in the world. Will be interesting to see how players react to the new change and probably Epic Games may come up with a permanent build-free mode.

The Fortnite new season will also see some weapons and items being vaulted. These will be replaced with new ones and unvaulting some others. Additionally, we will also get to see a refreshed map with some new areas. 

Proceeds from the Epic and Xbox collaboration until April 3 will go to Ukraine relief efforts. This will also include sales from V-Bucks, gifted Battle Passes, and Fortnite Crew subscriptions.

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