Fortnite Offering up to 5000 V-Bucks to Pros for showing their faces on livestream during tournaments
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Fortnite is offering up to 5000 V-Bucks to professionals for showing their faces on live streams during tournaments. According to GoodGuyNani, a competitive player, Epic Games offers players this reward to show their face during the FNCS finals. This might sound crazy but there are valid reasons behind it. 

Why did Fortnite ask Players to use their cams for the Finals?
A camera feed from all participants is required in most esport tournaments and competitions. Fortnite failed to mention this in Epic Games’ official rules, and at the last moment decided to pay players V-Bucks to get access to capture footage.

Though many players agreed to the deal, there is a much deeper problem to it. The proposition of getting 5,000 V-Bucks may sound encouraging but it is not an appropriate compensation according to many Fortnite players. 

According to PeanutBrainTS, “Nothing stops Epic from giving players actual compensation for using their webcams to improve their broadcast. If the talent (players) use their platform together and don’t take crumbs, they can get good revenue from them. The talent in this situation has incredible leverage here.”

The confusion with this announcement led to a Twitter war of sorts. Many users were debating over 5000 V-Bucks give away which is valued at around $40. 

Many players had a valid point about being compensated poorly though the cam access was optional. Also, there was no compulsion on the part of the players to do it. Actually, the V-Bucks would hurt them more if they agreed to it as it would hamper their scope of earning real-life money down the line. On the bright side though there can be long-term benefits too. 

According to BlakeConway24, “Given how many viewers Fortnite got on Twitch for FNCS, players should have jumped at the opportunity to show their face cam and help develop their own brand. Compensation is irrelevant when they’re putting thousands of eyeballs on you. It’s a Win/Win for both parties involved.”

The latest 5000 V-Buck offering by Epic Games turns out to have two sides to it. Some consider it as a good option while others think since V-Bucks can be generated for free on their backend, can it be even considered as compensation.

It would have been a different ballgame if players were rewarded in real money instead. At least they should have got the option of spending it the way they want to.

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