Fortnite Red vs Blue Weekend 
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Fortnite Red vs Blue weekend starts from April 30 to May 2. Fortnite players will get to play three Red vs Blue creative limited-time modes. The three different modes will offer three different styles, play them all to find out your favorite.

Enjoy the modes while they last for a limited time period. During the weekend the item shop will be packed with Team Red vs Team Blue items.

Red vs Blue Creative Limited Time Modes

  • Red vs Blue Rumble
  • Red vs Blue Advanced
  • Red vs Blue (XS)Red_vs_Blue

Red vs Blue Rumble:

Red vs Blue Rumble is a game mode perfect for you if fast-paced combat games is your style. You will never miss the action as the mode is loaded with infinite respawns and strong starting load-outs. Eliminating the other players will earn you gold which can be used to upgrade your weapons. You can check the Red vs Blue Rumble in the playlist or use the  Red vs Blue Rumble 6207-0778-2857 built by BOYKAARO!

Red vs Blue Advanced:

Red vs Blue Advanced is a high-intensity mode where you gather weapons and battle with your team. Enjoy battling it out with the enemy in Red vs Advanced available in the playlist to play. You can also access the creative mode by using the code Red vs Blue Advanced 7520-3761-4238 created by TheSlurp!

Red vs Blue (XS)

Red vs Blue (XS) is for Fortnite players who prefer close-quarters combat. You can take down the other team and quickly move through the arena. It offers infinite respawns and strong starting load-outs to get in back in action in case you get eliminated. Red vs Blue(XS) is available via playlist or the creative mode using the code Red vs Blue (XS) 8741-7457-7436 Built by MISWERDNAX.