Fortnite Season 4 Leak Hints Another New Marvel Battle Pass Skin
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Fortnite Season 4 leak hints at another new Marvel Battle Pass Skin. Fortnite’s journey with both Marvel and DC is not done yet. Recently, a new Starfire skin was released as well as an easter egg hinting that an upcoming battle pass might be headed towards the Marvel universe again.

A number of high profile Fortnite leakers have come together to say that Gwen Stacy from Into the Spider-Verse will be a skin for the battle pass in Chapter 3, Season 4.

Gwen might have two different skins; one in her full Spider-Gwen suit, and one in street clothes. Gwen is expected to be the Into the SpidervVerse-specific version from the movie, not a version from the comics.

One of the questions raised by this is how Miles Morales will appear in the game. There may be a challenge you can complete to unlock him, or you could buy him in the store.

While the trailer is not timed to align with the release of Spider-Man 2, a SpiderVerse film, it is possible that it is timed to align with a release of Spider-Man 2099, who will be in the film.Fortnite Season 4 Leak Hints Another New Marvel Battle Pass Skin_1Miles Morales, one of the most popular Marvel characters with a huge fan following, is not yet in Fortnite. We have now included The Avengers and X-Men, and there are plans for Miles Morales to be added to the game. Bringing in Fantastic Four would also make sense.

Fortnite season 4 arrives in about two weeks. We just got our first leaked teaser for the new season, which features what we believe is Brie Larson’s Paradigm. Other than a major role in the story, she will end the previous season and start a new one. After a season of “chill vibes” it seems we will be thrown back into another conflict with Seven soon enough. And it looks as though we’ll have new Marvel allies to help us out.

There will be more leaks ahead of the new season, so stay tuned. No doubt there will be more coming soon.

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