Fortnite Star Ninja Joins 100 Thieves
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Fortnite star Ninja, Richard Tyler Blevins, a popular streamer and YouTuber will join 100 Thieves, an Esports organization. Speculations about him joining 100 Thieves are making rounds after the American streamer made an appearance as a guest on ‘The CouRage and Nadeshot Show’, a popular talk show. 

‘The CouRage and Nadeshot Show’ features 100 Thieves co-owner and CEO, Matthew Haag also known as ‘Nadeshot’ and Jack Dunlop popularly known as CouRage. Ninja made his appearance on this show and later uploaded the episode on this other YouTube channel.

He also tweeted a post on Twitter with a caption that says he has an announcement to make. Leaving the entire community more curious than ever. 

In yet another tweet the streamer shared a short clip from the relevant episode of the popular show. The clip contains shots of Ninja imitating the popular character of “Morty” from the iconic Netflix sitcom ‘Rick and Morty’. 

Will Ninja join 100 Thieves?
The big question is will Ninja join 100 Thieves, and the only person who can answer this is Ninja himself. The talk show episode has raised a lot of speculations and assumptions, Ninja fans believe he may not enter 100 Thieves as a member. Though he can possibly join the organization as one of its co-owners, like Valkyrae.

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