Fortnite Update v17.40
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Fortnite update v17.40 may bring some major map changes, new skins, and more for the game during Season 7. You may get to witness new POIs, unique skins and cosmetics, and alien invasion storylines coming to Fortnite.

Rumors suggest Fortnite may enter a number of collaborations, as proofs start to go online via data from 17.40 patch notes available for the general public.

Fortnite update v17.40 – New location named after another popular online game

Fortnite update v17.40 is scheduled for release on August 17, Fortnite tweeted an image of a cafeteria-like environment with a message “Among Us”. The message backed by other leaks on social media hints towards a possible crossover.

Data leaks suggested in-game files include locations and names of various rooms in Among Us, the rooms include Cafeteria, Office, Electrical, etc. These files have been nicknamed “MoleTask” by Epic Games and there is every possibility we may witness something similar to a popular social deduction game, at the very least.

A new game mode will be introduced along with an Among Us themed POI called “Imposter mode”. It will carry story points and might be linked with aliens disguises and infiltration methods you have seen with NPCs.

The picture will be more clear in a day or two before the Fortnite update v17.40 is available on the server.

Players can get access to the Corrupted Legends Pack around August 30, it will enable you to grab the black and red gear while you can.

We may witness some action with Dinky Dish and Craggy Cliffs which may be abducted as the UFO Mothership moves towards the north center of the map.
Need to get geared up as Fortnite update v17.40 brings new content on board, sure to shake the game up once again.

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