Fortnite Video Chat App Houseparty will Shut Down
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Fortnite video chat App Houseparty will shut down in October.

The Houseparty App was first launched in 2016 and later acquired by EPIC games in 2019 as part of a multimillion-dollar deal.

Epic Games later integrated the Houseparty app with Fortnite in 2020 to allow players to communicate with each other during multiplayer gaming sessions.

According to the game developers, the workload at Epic Games with other products has led to giving it less attention than it deserves. In a statement the game development team said, in the future, they will build on more meaningful and social interactions with other Epic Games software.

Epic Games has already taken down Houseparty App from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, though it will continue to work until October.

False Campaign

With its ability to allow users to drop into video chat rooms, Houseparty App surged its popularity during the coronavirus pandemic due to the nationwide lockdowns across the world.

Until rumors started appearing in March 2020 which suggested downloading the app could lead to users’ Netflix and Spotify accounts getting hacked.

According to BBC, a Houseparty insider told a reporter the viral misinformation had made one million users delete the app.

The company mentioned there was no evidence of its service being compromised. The company even announced a bug bounty of $1m for anyone who could prove it, later it turned out to be a deliberate false campaign targeting the company. The bounty still remains unclaimed.

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