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Fortnite is known to bring in some massive season-ending events, but this time around Fortnite will kick off a unique solo mission. Epic Games is known for its multiplayer spectacle Fortnite, but this time has chosen a different path.

We may soon get to witness a unique epic set-piece as it prepares to launch into the new season. You will certainly enjoy the experience to control Agent Jones during your unique solo mission run.

According to the Fortnite blog post, the Zero Crisis Finale showcases the end of Agent Jones’s mission and describes it as a reality-altering “explosive” event story mode. You can continue to enjoy playing up to March 16, this is when Chapter 2 Season 6 begins. You can also watch it online or enjoy the global premiere to be held at a later date.

The earlier season in December we witnessed a record-breaking finale event. We got to see Jonesy and a slew of Marvel superheroes teaming up against planet-ravaging villain, Galactus. While Season 5 ramped to the movie and gaming tie-in which includes playable characters like The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, the Terminator, Street Fighter‘s Ryu and Chun-Li and Ripley, and the Xenomorph Queen from the Alien film series.

The upcoming Fortnite unique solo mission is certainly a thing to watch out for.