Fortnite x Uncharted Collaboration Release Date Revealed
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Fortnite x Uncharted collaboration release date revealed and looks like it will be a day before the movie releases. 

Epic Games has collaborated with many others like Marvel, Avengers: Infinity War Limited-Time mashup and for sure there are many waiting in the times ahead.

Collaborations are a great way to get some amazing cosmetics available for purchase from the item shop. Who has not enjoyed the various collaborations on the gaming platform, there was an entire season based on the collaboration with Marvel POIs and cosmetics in the Battle Pass.

We already have the Marshmello skins available and an expected collaboration coming soon. The latest v19.20 update unfolds more speculations with data miners discovering an upcoming Uncharted x Fortnite collaboration. 

There is a week 11 challenge lined up to go live on 17th February 2022. The challenge requires players to “collect treasure using an uncharted treasure map”. Coincidently the date of the challenge is just a day prior to the movie release. 

It does not feel right that the Fortnite collaboration with Uncharted will just end up with one challenge. There is a possibility we can expect to see the partnership in its full view, though files for the same have not yet been added. 

With the Fortnite v19.30 update expected in two weeks on Tuesday, it looks like the files for Uncharted collaboration with more challenges and cosmetics should be added well in time. 

Release Date of Uncharted Fortnite Skins
We can expect to see the Uncharted Fortnite skins release on Tuesday, 17th February 2022 in the item shop along with the next update, if there are any cosmetics involved. Stay tuned with us for more information and releases on Fortnite.

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