Fortnite’s Long Awaited Shadow Midas Skin Will be Released
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Fortnite’s long awaited Shadow Midas Skin will be released soon. The world of Shadow Midas, a reimagining of the Chapter 2 villain was introduced at last year’s Fortnite Halloween event.

Shadow Midas was the face of Fornitemares, yet was never released as a despite being a popular skin amongst the fans who would have grabbed it given the chance.

It looks like Epic has finally answered fans’ prayers this Fortnitemares 2021 with the chance to grab Shadow Midas skin. Though it is not official Fortnite teaser suggests the skin could be hitting the Item Shop.

Epic will be flipping over various cards this month, it will showcase the forthcoming new skins.

With the first slate of cards revealed, it looks like Shadow Midas won’t make it to the Item Shop at least this week. Though don’t lose hope as there is every possibility of him making it to the Item Shop, remember there are still some unflipped cards.Fortnite’s Long Awaited Shadow Midas Skin Will be Released-1Shadow Midas Skin

It looks like Shadow Midas Skin is being promoted at this season’s Fortnitemares event, with a bunch of cards that are still waiting to be revealed.

The cards placed under the “F” in Fortnitemares have a handprint, it has been a symbol of Midas for a long time, it makes it obvious that the Shadow Midas will be released during this Fortnitemares event. Though Epic has not confirmed this, why would Epic place such a card?

The timing of Shadow Midas Skin is weird, though it is better late than never. We will have to wait for the next slate of cards to be revealed and see the handprint on one of them. Till then we can sit back and speculate.

The Frankenstein’s Monster skin has already been introduced, while we know some more skins that will come to Fortnite in the near future.

Frankenstein’s Monster Skin ConfirmedFortnite’s Long Awaited Shadow Midas Skin Will be Released-2The Frankenstein’s Monster Skin will be available at Fortnite Item Shop for fans. Fortnite confirmed the arrival of the Monster later this month, expectations are running high with fans hoping to see the rest of the Universal stable house.

It looks like we could also get to see the Wolf Man and Dracula. With Fortnite collaborating in the past we already saw Call of Duty: Warzone add Leatherface last year, but that might be a little bit much for the cartoony world of Fortnite. Don’t be surprised if Fortnite decides to collaborate and bring some more spooky characters to the game.

If Fortnite is willing to collaborate and bring some spooky characters like this, when why not just round out the crew?

With collaborations being all the rage in Fortnite for the past several seasons, the possibilities for horror icons are endless. We saw Call of Duty: Warzone add Leatherface last year, but that might be a little bit much for the cartoony world of Fortnite.

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