Fortnite's Operation: Sky Fire Explosive Alien Event
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Fortnite’s Sky Fire explosive alien event Witnessed a Massive UFO crash with the return of Kevin the cube and lots of strange bits of lore. This leads us to Fortnite Season 8 that starts tomorrow.

It is still not clear if players will be invited back to the usual Fortnite island. While players were able to hang out in a sort of holding pen, located on some chunks of farmland floating above the island before the event started.

According to Doctor Slone – the main protagonist, she won’t allow anyone back if everything does not go well as the islands are required to be protected. Warning the players “the aliens are about to start their biggest abduction yet.”

Before the event actually kicked off, everyone jumped on top of the same grain silo and danced for 20 minutes. The breakup of the alien spaceship was triggered by the Operation: Sky Fire explosive event, where players were required to invade the mothership to deal with any intruders. Not an easy task as it required players to navigate around laser-firing aliens The players jumped into various tubes while Slone struggled to open them from her safe perch at a distance.

This was a plan that did not go well, as according to Slone they were supposed to use fancy backpacks to arm explosives that would take down the ship for good. Eventually, players were shut in a room with fan-favorite character Kevin. Kevin is the massive cube that rolled around Fortnite’s island in 2018. Initially, the cube was bright pink and purple and went on to go dark for a brief period.

At this point, Slone made it clear it was a suicide mission, while the players were still able to share space with Kevin, while he turned blue – a happy shade before creating an escape route.

It is only after everyone was brought into a huge room it is revealed the room is full of other giant cubes and Kevin is not alone in the universe. This is when everything exploded, a scene similar to the one in Independence Day. It results in the pieces of the alien ship along with the cubes falling towards the island. Players were basically just bystanders as they could not do anything about it, similar to the past live events. The spectacle resembled the Fornite’s very first single-player mission, which kicked off in Season 6.

For die-hard Fortnite fans, hold on tight the event has ended with a timer. The countdown has started for Fortnite Season 8, which starts tomorrow, September 13th. Fortnite will remain down and unplayable until then.

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